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This Week, Shop Local Instead of!

As Alva gears up for the exciting annual Crazy Days retail shopping event this Saturday, there's another event vying for attention: Amazon Prime Days. While the allure of online

shopping convenience may be strong, let us take a moment to reflect on the significance of supporting local businesses this week. By supporting Alva's Crazy Days and shopping local, we can foster a stronger sense of community, boost the local economy, and cherish the unique offerings that make Alva special. Here's why:

1.Build a Stronger Community: Shopping local fosters a sense of community and belonging. When you visit local stores, you get the opportunity to interact with friendly faces, establish personal connections, and engage in meaningful conversations. These experiences build the foundation of a thriving community that you can't get from online shopping! Plus, our local merchants love providing exceptional customer service and personalized experiences. They truly care about your shopping experience and can give expert advice, tailored recommendations, and hands-on assistance.

2.Support Local Economy: Choosing to shop local directly impacts the local economy. By supporting Alva's businesses, you contribute to the growth and vitality of the community. Local store owners employ local residents, pay taxes, and keep profits circulating in our area.

3.Preserve Local Character and Uniqueness: Alva's local businesses offer a treasure trove of unique products and services that reflect our community's character and values. From artisanal artwork to locally sourced goods, these businesses infuse Alva with charm and distinctiveness. Visitors from all over love to check out our local shops for these reasons!

This week, as your emails are bombarded with online shopping sales and advertisements, let's remember the significance of shopping local and the impact it has on our community. By choosing to support the Crazy Days event and local businesses, we help our community, local economy, and preserving Alva's uniqueness. Make a conscious decision to shop local this week!


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