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Alva, OK Demographics

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Alva is located in far northern Oklahoma, only 24 miles from the Kansas border, in the northeast part of Woods County along the Salt Fork Arkansas River. The city is 65 miles from Woodward, OK; 72 miles from Enid, OK; and 119 miles from Wichita, KS.

Northwestern Oklahoma State University is located in Alva. Alva is the county seat of Woods County.


Zip Code: 73717

Area Code: 502

Population: 4,882 (2020 Census)

Incorporated: 1893

Alva Land Area: 2.4 square miles along the Salt Fork Arkansas River

Total Number of Households: 1,838

Median Age: 31.6 years

Home Ownership: 59%

Median Property Value: $98,900

Median Income: $46,127

Median Household Income: $46,929

Unemployment Rate: 2.2%


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