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How Does the Alva Chamber Promote City Tourism?

by Emma Cline

You may be curious to know exactly how the Alva Chamber promotes tourism in our community and what we offer for visitors at the Northwest Oklahoma Visitor's Center in Alva. In May of 2021, we launched our brand new tourism website,, which gives visitors and locals an easy way to find restaurants, hotels, shopping, and outdoor recreation in and around Alva. The website also showcases an updated Events Calendar listing upcoming events in Alva. It's a great way for visitors to see what Alva has to offer before they even begin planning their trip.

The Northwest Oklahoma Visitor's Center (also the location of the Alva Chamber of Commerce) is a great stopping point for incoming visitors to pick up informational brochures and pamphlets on local and surrounding attractions. In 2021, the interior of the Visitor's Center was refurbished and updated with fresh paint, decor, and furniture. Our Tourism Information Center also features great resources for traveling the state of Oklahoma, like the Oklahoma Travel Guide, Oklahoma Outdoor Guide, Oklahoma Dining Guide, and the Red Carpet Country Travel Guide.

The Alva Chamber promotes tourism digitally as well as in print advertisements. You may see our ads in various magazines like Travel OK and the Red Carpet Country Travel Guide, and you've hopefully seen our 30-second commercial that airs during the Discover Oklahoma segment on Channel 4! In 2023, the Alva Chamber will have advertisements in the 2023 Oklahoma Travel Guide, the 2023 Oklahoma Outdoor Guide, and the Oklahoma Today magazine, as well as another run of our 30-second commercial on Discover Oklahoma. Posts and ads that we run on Facebook and Instagram have reached an average of 104,000 people since October 2020.

The Alva Chamber is excited to promote Alva in these publications in the coming year, and we are happy to provide tourism information services at the Visitor's Center year-round.


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