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BancCentral Sponsors Christmas Tree Decorating Contest

BancCentral is once again sponsoring a Christmas Tree Decorating Contest benefitting Alva Rotary's Toys for Tots program! If you or your business is interested in participating in the contest, BancCentral has this important information for you:

  • "Each business will be responsible for providing their own tree, decorations, and employees. All businesses will set up, clean up, and break down their own trees throughout the duration of the contest. The winner will be determined by the number of dollars donated to each tree. All proceeds will be donated to the Alva Rotary's Toys for Tots program."

  • Date to register: November 18. "Any business that would like to participate must notify Holly Hicks at prior to November 18th. This will provide the time needed to secure photos of each participating business to coincide with our social media announcement."

  • Dates for set up: November 25 to November 30. "Each business may choose to place their tree in their own business or an alternative location such as BancCentral lobby during normal business hours."

  • Dates for voting: December 1 to December 12. "A donation container will be provided to each participating business. The donation container may be kept at the location chosen by the participating business. Alternatively, during this time any member of the public may visit our hall of Christmas trees located in our lobby to donate. All donations will be collected at the frequency requested by the business by a Rotary member."

  • Winner announced: December 15. "The winner will be announced via social media. The winner wins bragging rights for the year and a trophy."


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